How it works…

Each CyberKey is programmable, meaning the key can only access locks when permissions are granted by a System Administrator. Easy to use software and Apps allow keys to be electronically assigned to staff and contractors, either on a permanent basis or by ‘issue and return’.
A System Administrator can simply select what locks the user can access and when. Once the key is updated it will be able to access the locks at the given date and time. If the keyholder attempts to access locks outside the permitted time frame, the key will be denied entry and the event ‘logged’.
Both locks and keys record audit trail activity for both authorised and denied events. This allows management to track and report on access to every lock, whether that is a door, cabinet or padlock on a gate.
Access Control without wiring… locks are the same size, shape and dimensions as the mechanical locks they replace. There are no cables or batteries at the lock, making the installation process ‘hassle free’. Power to the lock comes from the CyberKey based on contact. The key knows the date and time and keeps a record of the locks it is allowed to access. The key stores all audit events and transfers the data to the management software.

Smart Key Options…

Generation 1 – CyberKeys have been widely used for over a decade by both large and small companies and throughout multiple industries. They are as popular today as they were in 2001.

Their robust design and replaceable parts have helped provide a cost effective and efficient solution for thousands of companies worldwide. Their limitation lies with memory capacity and modern communications methods such as Bluetooth and Wifi.

Generation 2… CyberKeys have been re-engineered to integrate with modern communication methods and expanded storage capacity such as the amount of audit records the key can retain. These new keys are equipped with features for almost any scenario including wireless connection to smartphones or a Wifi network.
The CyberKey X combines the increased memory capacity of Generation 2 CyberKeys with the infrared technology and replaceable battery of Generation 1 CyberKeys. The memory can hold up to 12,000 locks or audit events, or up to 100 lock downloads.
CyberKey Blue 2… utilises wireless Bluetooth connectivity, allowing keyholders to pair the key with their smartphone and CyberLock App. System Administrators now have the ability to remotely control the key through the phone with no geographic limitation. A time saving transaction may include assigning the key with new locks to access or changing the key’s schedule. Management can also remotely collect the audit of events through the App.
CyberKey Air… uses Wifi for communication. When the key connects to an authorised Wifi network its permissions are automatically brought up to date. A System Administrator may change the permissions online at any time, safe in the knowledge that the key will be updated when in range of an authorised wireless network.
The CyberKey Flash is an electronic key that can open both CyberLocks and FlashLocks. It can read and emulate RFID cards. The key is Bluetooth enabled and has an OLED display which allows a user to view the key’s profile, select key actions, view expirations and check the battery status.


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