If these are your problems…?

Lost or stolen keys, and illicit copies of keys in circulation leading to an increased risk of theft or unauthorised intrusion…
A security system that cannot cope with your special requirements preventing you from granting varied levels of access for staff, operating different security levels according to time schedules, dealing with contractor visits or managing remote sites…
Time-consuming manual key administration leading to errors and not providing you with sufficient information to manage your security effectively…
No means to control or audit staff movements into sensitive areas leaving you vulnerable to Health and Safety risks, theft and stock shrinkage…
A system which is unable to adapt to organisational changes leading to a steady decline of your security over time, or else requiring the major expense of a wholesale replacement…

We have the solution…

Electronic Smart Keys with Access Control features
An electronically programmed key that can access a wide range of locks during a designated schedule, with no limit to the quantity or design of locks the key can open. The key’s schedule may also contain an expiration point to completely disable the key until it is audited and reprogrammed.

Replace your mechanical locks with ease
With locks that are the same size and shape of their mechanical ones they replace. The locks cannot be picked or bumped and are very difficult to drill. They require no wiring or external power source.

Preventing key duplication and replication
Keys cannot be copied. Each key and lock is electronically encoded with a unique identity.

Accountability over who went where and when
Audit information recorded in both the lock and key shows a time-and-date stamped record of every event, including authorised access and unauthorised attempts. If someone tries to access without having permission, the event is recorded and available to management in a report.


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